Air Freight Forwarding


When it comes to international freight forwarding, finding the right balance between time, cost, and environmental considerations is crucial. At Golden Freight Forwarding and Marketing Inc. (GFFM), we understand these challenges and offer cost-effective and seamless air freight solutions to ensure the smooth delivery of your cargo.


Why Choose GFFM for Air Freight Forwarding

Strategic Alliances

Our extensive network of strategic alliances across the globe provides you with the flexibility to choose from a range of air freight services. We tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs, offering end-to-end visibility throughout the shipping process.

Partnership Approach

We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients, going beyond simply delivering your cargo. Through our culture of Gemba, we actively seek to understand your perspective and challenges, collaboratively finding creative solutions to meet your current needs and future opportunities.

Industry Solutions

Partner with GFFM for efficient and reliable freight forwarding solutions that prioritize your business requirements. Experience the benefits of seamless logistics and timely delivery, while we work together to unlock new possibilities.

  • Cold Chain
  • Temperature Control
  • Perishable Commodities
  • Small Package Service
  • Sensitive Equipment
  • Project cargo, whatever the weight or configuration

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