Customs Brokerage


Golden Freight Forwarding and Marketing Inc. (GFFM) offers comprehensive customs brokerage services to ensure the smooth and compliant movement of your import and export shipments across international borders. Our dedicated team of customs experts works closely with import/export brokers to handle the necessary government declarations and security requirements accurately and on time.


Our Commitment to Excellence

At GFFM, we prioritize the preparation of compliant import transactions while maintaining the highest level of integrity in our interactions with customs and other government agencies. With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we navigate the complexities of customs regulations on behalf of our shipping customers, ensuring a seamless and efficient customs clearance process.

Customs Brokerage Services We Provide

Customs Declaration

Our customs brokerage team possesses the expertise to handle all types of customs declarations for your air, ocean, or ground import and export freight shipments. We meticulously prepare and submit the necessary documentation to ensure compliance and facilitate smooth customs clearance.

Compliance with Security Requirements

We understand the importance of adhering to strict security requirements in international trade. Our team ensures that all security protocols and regulations are met, giving you peace of mind and minimizing any delays or complications in the customs process.

Additional Customs Brokerage Services We Offer

Tariff Classification

We provide expert assistance in determining the correct tariff classification for your goods. Our customs specialists analyze the nature, composition, and intended use of your products to ensure accurate classification and compliance with customs regulations.

Duty Assessment and Payment

Navigating the complexities of duty assessment and payment can be challenging. Our team simplifies the process by calculating applicable duties, taxes, and fees accurately and facilitating timely payment to ensure seamless customs clearance.

Customs Valuation

Accurate customs valuation is crucial for determining the value of your imported or exported goods. Our customs experts employ internationally recognized valuation methods, ensuring compliance and avoiding disputes related to customs value.

Trade Compliance Consulting

Staying compliant with ever-changing trade regulations is essential. Our trade compliance services provide guidance and support in understanding and implementing customs regulations, trade agreements, and other relevant trade compliance measures.

Risk Management and Audit Support

We assist in mitigating risk and ensuring compliance by conducting internal customs audits and providing recommendations to enhance your customs processes. Our goal is to help you identify and address potential compliance gaps proactively.

Customs Documentation Management

Navigating the complex documentation requirements of international trade can be daunting. Our customs experts handle the preparation, review, and management of customs documentation, ensuring accuracy and completeness to facilitate efficient customs processing.

Industry Solutions

Partner with GFFM for efficient and reliable customs brokerage services that optimize your global trade operations, ensure compliance, and provide a seamless customs clearance experience.


Our additional services are:

  • Cold Chain
  • Temperature Control
  • Perishable Commodities
  • Small Package Service
  • Sensitive Equipment
  • Project cargo, whatever the weight or configuration

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